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The UK's leading wire work manufacturing company

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Materials & Finishes

Materials & Finishes


All our base materials are supplied to us from European suppliers and manufacturers. Our products are manufactured in the UK, from high quality materials so you know you are getting a quality product.

Available in different pitches, thickness, in mild steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel. Below is a list of some of the base materials we use

As we are the manufacturer, we can also incorporate some sheet metal into our products, such as solid shelves for wire mesh lockers or solid bases for baskets.

Some of our products also include wood and plastic. Our range of changing room units incorporate both.

Ash slats are sanded and sealed with two coats of clear lacquer.

Plastic coat hooks are manufactured from engineering grade nylon and are softly curved with radiused edges.


We offer an almost unlimited range of finishes and colours that can enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of any wire mesh product.

BZP (Bright Zinc Plate): our most popular finish. Plating to 8 micron depth, prevents oxidisation of the steel and results in an attractive silver-blue colour

Gold Passivate: yellow zinc is electro-plated to our standard BZP finish, to provide additional corrosion and high temperature resistance. Improves durability to mild steel products used in humid conditions, and outdoors. Results in a gold sheen to the metal surface

JS500 (Electro Galv): can be applied as a final finish (on top of BZP and gold passivate). It is a non-toxic leach process which forms a protective layer to further improve corrosion resistance for use in more extreme environments; humidity, abrasion, corrosion and outdoors. It is water based and non-hazardous, protecting the surface from salts and other chemicals. This plating process adds an iridescent finish.

The above coatings are subjected to British Standard Salt Test (results are shown below in hours) the minimum time for the coating to secrete zinc oxide in the form of a white powder. These figures have been obtained from BS1706:1990 electro coating of zinc and cadmium on iron and steel methods. We do not recommend any of the above finishes be subject to harsh cleaning agents or detergents as this may shorten the life of the product.

Powder Coating: sprayed on to the metal surface and attaches electro-statically before being cured by heat to create a tough, hard finish. We can usually powder coat to match any corporate colour or branding scheme.

Plastic Coating: offers additional rust protection to the mild steel base material, as well as producing a softer finish. We can usually plastic coat to match any corporate colour or branding scheme.

Other Finishes: whilst the above finishes are suitable for most applications, we can also supply wire mesh products in other finishes

Talk to us about where you’ll be putting our products and how you’ll be using them and we’ll advise you on the most appropriate finish.

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