Quality Standards

Here at AMP Wire, we are committed to manufacturing excellence and proud to manufacture right here in the UK to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality framework.

Our certification number is 00341.

We undergo regular external audits, which along with our own internal audits, help to drive up operational efficiencies and improve customer experience.

We own our own product designs and manufacturing facility and are in full control of our own production and processes. This means we are able to offer a level of product choice, quality and flexibility that is unrivalled in the wire work manufacturing industry.


As always, a well-received visit with all staff aware of the visit. No concerns noted at H/O or during the site visit for installation.

The internal audit results confirm that a well maintained and effective QMS is in place.


As always this was a very well received visit. The QMS is well maintained with no concerns noted from the random selections taken during this visit.

The internal audits are detailed, and the results confirm a level of compliance.


The QMS was found to have been well maintained since the last audit, with no concerns noted.

This was also seen in the internal audit results which showed that the QMS was both effective and compliant.


The QMS was found to be well maintained, from the evidence requested and received to conduct this remote audit.

This was reflected in the internal audit results which also showed a high degree of compliance.


The QMS was found to be very well maintained throughout the management system controls and operating processes including site work.

The internal audits are detailed and show good audit evidence and the evaluation of the results confirm compliance.


The system has remained well controlled since the last visit. Good communication noted. The internal audit results also show that the system is effective and compliant.


The QMS has been upgraded to the requirements of ISO9001 2015, with no concerns noted. The system was also seen to be effective through the internal audit results. Continued certification & upgrade to ISO9001 2015 is therefore recommended.


As always, this was a very well received visit with all staff involved. Very helpful and quick in the retrieval of documents requested during the audit. The internal audits and review are in depth, with the results showing that this QMS is well controlled and effective.


The quality system was found to be very well controlled on the evidence of samples taken during the visit. This is reflected in the Company’s own internal audit report, results which show that the quality system is effective. Again, the visit was very well received with all staff involved helpful in answering questions and retrieving requested documentation / evidence.

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