We are the UK's number one manufacturer, supplier, and installer of quality wire mesh partitioning.

Manufactured by us at our Manchester factory and from UK Sourced materials. Our partitions are used in all sectors including, industrial, facilities management, architects, zoo’s and data centres...just to name a few. AMP Wire's Wire Mesh Partitioning system is practical and adaptable.

Our steel wire mesh Partitioning is used is various settings such as Warehouses for racking, Basements for secure cycle storage, Machine Guarding - the list is endless. Mesh Partitioning offers secure, practical storage whilst offering peace of mind and security. The open mesh design provides clear visibility, allowing you to see through into the secured area, which is essential in security sensitive environments.

As the UK manufacturer, we can adapt our partitioning to suit your application.

By purchasing your steel wire mesh Partition from us, provides you with the knowledge that you are getting a quality wire mesh product from a reputable UK source.

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Our Partitioning System

Our wire mesh Partitions are used in various sectors and settings. We frequently work closely with Architects, Facilities Management and Construction Companies to make the best use of an area.

Mesh Partitions are ideal for cycle stores and basements and for racking.

Partitioning is also used to divide and defining spaces such as machine guarding, authorised areas, or walkways.

Strong and robust, our mesh partitioning systems are easy to install whilst being incredible sturdy. We also have a range of door Partition Door options such as hinged and sliding along with various locking options.

As we are the UK manufacturer, there is no middleman taking a cut, meaning we pass the savings directly on to you and nothing is lost in translation.

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Bespoke & Customised Products Made to Order

Being "Bespoke", "Custom Made" or "Made to Order" doesn’t mean expensive. From customised dimensions to different materials and finishes, we can help. Simply email us or call our friendly team on 0161 620 7250 to discuss your requirements. View our Gallery to see examples of custom-made products we have manufactured.

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Credit Accounts Available

Delivered Throughout Mainland UK

Trusted UK Manufacturer