Mesh Partitions & Enclosures

AMP Wire are the UK’s number one manufacturer, supplier, and installer of quality wire mesh Partitioning and Enclosures. Our Wire Mesh Partition Systems and Enclosures are used across a wide range of sectors to provide a safe and secure environment. Manufactured by us at our Manchester factory and from UK Sourced materials.


AMP Wire’s steel wire mesh Partitions and Enclosures are used in various settings such as Warehouses for sectioning off areas, in Basements for secure tenant storage as storage is limited in apartment blocks, Car Parks to section off areas which are used for Cycle Stores etc. Partitioning is also used to divide and defining spaces such as machine guarding, authorised areas, or walkways.

Mesh Partitions and Enclosures offers secure, practical storage whilst offering peace of mind and security. The open mesh design provides clear visibility, allowing you to see into the secured area, which is essential in security sensitive environments.

Our wire mesh Partitions are used in various sectors and settings. We frequently work closely with Architects, Facilities Management and Construction Companies to make the best use of an area. As we are the UK manufacturer nothing is lost in translation, and we can adapt our partitioning to suit your application.

Wire Mesh Partitions & Enclosures

Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, along with the fact that our Wire Mesh Partitioning Systems and Mesh Enclosures are made at our own factory here in Manchester, makes communication easy and turn around rapid. We have a high level of expertise in manufacturing and installing our Wire Mesh Enclosures and Partitions for a wide range of sectors and applications.
Below are a few examples of how mesh Partition and Enclosures can be customised to suit your customer requirements.


As well as our standard mild steel Wire Mesh Partitions and Enclosures, we can manufacture in 304’s or 316 grade stainless steel, which is hard wearing and essential in food/medical environments.

We can also offer different sizes of wire mesh and tube to suit your requirements.


Black Powder Coating is our most popular finish but might not be right for your application or environment. Below are a few examples of the different finishes we can offer:

  • Powder Coating options to add some colour
  • Hot Dip Galv
  • Cleaned & Pickled or Electro Polished (Stainless Steel Only)
Locking Options

Wire mesh Partitions and Enclosures can be manufactured with different locking options.

We can include options such as:

  • Hasp & Staple
  • Emergency Push Pads
  • Digi Locks
Survey & Installation Service

Our dedicated team of experienced surveyors and fitters work in our factory, so they have extensive knowledge of wire mesh Partitions and Enclosures.

The team which completes the survey are the same team that will manufacture and complete the install meaning nothing is lost in translation.

Looking for a bespoke solution?

Our team can develop custom made products to suit your requirements.
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