Llyr wanted to source wire mesh panels for a railway carriage restoration project. Having exhausted all avenues he contact AMP Wire to see if we could assist. To Llyr’s delight we said “yes”.

As we are a UK Manufacturer we could make to Llyr’s specification and offer advice on the most cost effective solution.

“I contacted AMP Wire after an internet search of ‘wire mesh products manufacturer’, but as this needed to be a replica for a railway carriage restoration, I wasn’t confident we would be able to find it in the UK, but hoped they might be able to point me in the right direction. After discussing what I required I was pleasantly surprised AMP Wire could produce the panels.The contact with AMP Wire has been exceptional, they also advised on the most cost effective solution. The product has been made to our specification and is of high quality. The major benefit of contacting AMP Wire has been Vale of Rheidol Railway has found a UK Supplier and being able to complete the restoration without any problems. AMP Wire are a good future contact to have. I would definitely contact AMP Wire, even if you are not sure if they can help. After speaking to Pam, I was amazed at the wide range of wire mesh products they can manufacture.”

Llyr ap Iolo

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