Sheet Metal Lockers

Here at AMP Wire, We've carefully selected to work with top quality UK manufacturers to supply our sheet metal locker ranges. From budget options to specialist configurations; garment dispensers, clean & dirty, PPE signage, these lockers offer content privacy and fulfil specific needs.


Sheet Metal Lockers

If you can't find a standard wire mesh product that will work; as a manufacturer, we can make it for you. Whether you are looking for something bigger, smaller, for indoors, for outdoors, in pink (!); we can help. Using a number of standard design options and features, we can design wire mesh products for pretty much any application.

And if that's still not enough, we can design and manufacture a completely bespoke product, exclusively for you.

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Industrial & Trade Suppliers & Distributors

If you’re buying in bulk or are a distributor or reseller looking for a reliable manufacturer of quality wire mesh products at competitive trade prices; we can definitely help! All our wire mesh products are designed and manufactured in our Manchester factory and can be customised exclusively for you or to meet your customers’ specification.

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How Can We Help You?

Not found what you’re looking for? Or just not sure which product is right? As a UK manufacturer our friendly sales team can help identify what you need and, if required, get it designed and made. Just give Gemma a call - or send a message through the contact page and we’ll call you back.

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